Omnichannel Solutions

Ditto’s Omnichannel Solutions can be integrated into your store customer journey and your eCommerce sites. It creates a more personalized customer journey and connects your online and store experiences. This helps increase conversion rates in stores and online speeds up in-store frame discovery experiences and lowers online returns.

Many of our clients are leveraging these solutions to create new experiences in light of COVID-19. Shift frame discovery to the iPad to reduce contact with physical eyewear and speeds up frame discovery so you can see more customers safely. Create a stronger eCommerce presence to capitalize on increased online traffic.

Ditto’s Omnichannel Solutions support a connected experience between stores, eCommerce sites, and marketing by leveraging Try-On and other related data between the channels. In stores, we offer our technology via an iPad App either guided by store associates or for direct customer use. Online, we support web, native iOS, and native Android-based eCommerce eyewear shopping experiences. We offer three tiers (Essentials, Premium, and Platinum) of Omnichannel Solutions with increasing levels of features and service. These configurations include these products:

Creating Omnichannel Experiences

To create omnichannel experiences, Clients need to link their customer’s Try-On data to the customer account in their respective customer account systems. Clients can also create additional fields to capture each customer’s data (Face Insights, Frame Recommendations, style preferences, favorites, etc.) Once this data is linked to a customer account, that customer can log in online or in stores to recall previously saved data.

Seamlessly Connect eCommerce and Store Experiences

The Try-On, Face Insights, Frame Recommendations, and more can follow customers across store locations, sessions, devices, and email. For example, a customer can create a Try-On and get Frame Recommendations online. That customer can then go into a store and the Try-On and Frame Recommendations can be recalled to streamline and personalize their in-store experience. Similarly, customers who create a Try-On in stores can log in online to virtually try on glasses without needing to create a new Try-On.

This enables you to shift frame discovery online before a customer comes in and have their favorites pre-pulled and disinfected. It also empowers the customers to shop when and how they want.

Personalize Communications Between Store Visits

The Try-On and gathered insights can be leveraged to send emails of customers wearing a new arrival or personally recommended style. This can help reduce the purchase cycle and build a deeper relationship with customers.