Impact Report

Client shall deliver the Impact Report for each Website in accordance with the guidelines set forth below and the Documentation, which may reasonably be updated by Ditto from time to time upon reasonable notice to Client. For the avoidance of doubt, all information contained in the Impact Report shall be Client’s Confidential Information.


Ditto requires data from Client in order to continue improving the Services. Client shall deliver this data to Ditto using the Impact Report Spreadsheet Template or Data Automation:

• Impact Report Spreadsheet Template:

• Data Automation: Ditto has a method to automate the delivery of data through an email connector designed for scheduled email reports which can be sent via an analytics platform (e.g., Google Analytics). The data automation process may reasonably be updated and changed by Ditto from time to time with reasonable notice to Client. A Ditto client success manager will coordinate with Client to setup the Data Automation. See below descriptions and fields that comprise the Impact Report.

eCommerce Data

eCommerce Data shall be segmented by date (YYYY-MM-DD format), device type (mobile, desktop, tablet) and user type (Ditto user, non-Ditto user).

Website Traffic Data

Website Traffic Data shall be segmented date (YYYY-MM-DD format), device type (mobile, desktop, tablet), operating system, browser and browser version.

Active SKU List

Active SKU List shall be segmented by calendar month.

Returns Data

Returns Data shall be segmented by user type (Ditto user, non-Ditto user) and calendar month.

Data Automation

Ditto has a method to automate and streamline the collection of business impact and active SKU data. This helps our clients save time from manually sending monthly reports. Please reach out to your Client Success Manager to setup the data automation.