Delivery of Photography and Data

Folder Structure

It is best practice to create a folder for all delivered data (“Batch Folder”). The Batch Folder will include SKU Folders and the Batch Data.

Each SKU will have its own folder (“SKU Folder”) in the Batch Folder. The SKU folder must be named after your SKU. This will be the ProductID which is used to call the frame on your website. An example is “A50375418601”. Note that the SKU must match the values in the Batch Data Spreadsheet. Only alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers) or dashes ("-") are allowed. Please avoid using spaces and all other special characters (i.e. !, _, #, etc.).

Photography for each SKU must be inside the SKU Folder

File names for the photography must be consistent across SKUs and Angles. Also note that the number of photos for each SKU must be the same. Example photo names:

  • A50375418601_1
  • A50375418601_2
  • A50375418601_3


It is common for Clients to deliver the Batch Folder via a service like Box, Dropbox, FTP, and WeTransfer.

Checking Ditto’s Digital Eyewear Library

If you would like Ditto to check if we have your SKUs, please send an Excel file with the data listed in the table below. Please find a template and example file here:

Field Required Description
Client SKU Required Number you use to track the SKU internally; this will be used in our technology to retrieve the SKU
Brand Required SKU manufacturer or collection name as identified on your website (e.g. "Ray-Ban")
Model Required Unique identifier or name for all SKUs with the same geometry (e.g. "RB2132")
Color Code Required Alphanumeric or Numeric identifier as provided by manufacturer (e.g. "811/32" identifies the color Light Blue Rubber); only if available (not all manufacturers provide)
Color Description Required SKU color as listed in your systems and used to identify each SKU (e.g. "Light Blue Rubber")
Eye Required Horizontal diameter of one lens; typically a 2-digit number ranging from 40-62 and is often provided by the frame manufacturer
UPC Required UPC is a barcode symbology that is widely used in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and in other countries for tracking trade items in stores. If a separate unique UPC identifier is provided by the manufacturer or vendor, please provide (e.g. Ray Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer in Light Blue Rubber is identified as “805289421832” using the UPC-A standard and “0805289421832” using the EAN-13 standard).
Manufacturer SKU Preferred SKU from Manufacturer