Marketing Toolkit API

The Marketing Toolkit is an API with a set of endpoints to manage Try-Ons (identified by a ditto_id) and in some cases render with a given pair of glasses (identified by a product_id) at a specified angle (identified by a frame number) in a single still image or a series of images. This will enable you to build a wide range of features including social sharing, side-by-side comparisons, embedding Try-Ons in emails, etc.

See our Developer Reference for specifics on how to effectively use the Ditto Try-On API.


Products List

This is a list of all the available products (digital assets/SKU’s) available for try-on Endpoint Reference: /products/

Frontal Frame

This returns a jpg image of the ditto and product rendered together on the frontal (center) frame. If no product is passed in or it is set to None this will only return the frontal frame of the ditto with no product rendered. Endpoint Referece: /dittos/{ditto_id}/frontal-frame/

Ditto Metadata

This returns data specific to the try-on that can be used to determine the frontal frame or what images frames are available for try-on. Endpoint Reference: /dittos/{ditto_id}/


This returns a jpg image in a filmstrip of the ditto and product rendered together on specified image frames (angles). The image frames must be passed in and differ from ditto to ditto. For a full list of ditto frames see the Ditto Metadata call above. Endpoint Reference: /dittos/{ditto_id}/strip/


Refer to your Environments and Endpoints which will give you an understanding of how the various servers and products interact. See Environments and Endpoints for more information on where to locate your Try-On server.