Language Localization of SDKs

Browser SDK

If there are languages in our browser-based solution that are not currently supported you can submit a localization request to the Client Success team. Please provide them the language you want localized and when you would like to go live with the new locale.

See the list of Supported Languages.

After submitting the request, our Client Success team will confirm timing and pricing. For guidance, this work is outsourced and requires 3-4 weeks to create and prepare a new language and an additional 2 weeks for internal testing. This brings the total to about 6 weeks to ramp up support for a new language. When testing is completed, our Client Success team will reach out with information for the release.


There are two components of localization for the iOS SDK: audio and text. The localizable text component includes all instructions, buttons, and other text across all screens. The audio localization includes instructions for creating a TryOn.

By including a Localizable.strings file, you can customize both text and audio for all components of the iOS SDK including:

  • Intro Screen
  • Alignment Guidance (aligning head, improve lighting conditions, accurate focal length)
  • Head Turn Guidance
  • Adding Scale Guidance (if applicable)
  • All text associated with facial analysis theater

This is fully customizable by anyone integrating the iOS SDK into their native apps.

To Implement