Analytics Reporting Overview

Ditto is able to provide clients with certain Browser SDK analytics upon request. Please continue reading for details.

Ditto Creation Success

Ditto can provide a full-funnel analysis showing the total number of customers who entered VTO, the amount/percentage who visited each step, and ultimately the number who completed the VTO process.

Funnel Step Definition
Users with webcam Customers who start the flow less customers who do not have a webcam
User gave camera access Customers who allow webcam access or have already registered their preference for this step in an earlier visit
User has initiated recording Customers who begin the Virtual Try-On recording process
User sees scale step Customers who complete the Virtual Try-On recording process and see the card scale step
Facial Analysis shown* Customers who see the Face Insights animation screen
Go to Try-On clicked on FA* Customers who click the "Go to Try-On" CTA on the Face Insights screen
Ditto Creation Success Customers who have successfully completed Virtual Try-On. The customer’s Try-On data has been saved on the server. Note: if you have a registration gate at the end of your flow, this event will usually still fire

*Funnel Step data is only available when Face Insights is purchased and implemented. Note: Facial Analysis (FA) is now called Face Insights

Success Rate by Browser/Device

Ditto can share the Ditto creation success rate by all major browser and device combinations.

Flow Breakdown

Ditto can share the amount and percentage of customers utilizing each of the three available flows: Desktop Standard Flow, Mobile Standard Flow, and Compatibility Flow.

Card Scale Success

Ditto can share the amount and percentage of customers starting, completing, and skipping the card scale step.

Step Definition
User does scale Customers who initiate the card scale step
User completes scale Customers who capture a card scale image and complete the step
Scale skipped Customers who choose to skip the card scale step