Environments and Endpoints

Ditto supports two environments for clients in AWS:

  • Production: The production environment supports the client’s live website.
  • Sandbox: The sandbox environment is an exact image of the production environment. Clients should use this environment when building new functionality around Ditto services that need to be tested before releasing to production or when testing new versions of Ditto’s services. Activity in this environment does not pollute the production environment.

Ditto also provides limited support for a staging environment. It is not guaranteed to be up.

  • Staging: The staging environment is not an image of production by design. There is a purposeful difference between Production and Staging. It is usually used to test new functionality or support testing of migrations.

Endpoint Conventions

Try-On API

  • vto.{partners_server}.api.ditto.com/api/{api_version}/
  • vto-sandbox.{partners_server}.api.ditto.com/api/{api_version}/
  • vto-staging.{partners_server}.api.ditto.com/api/{api_version}/

Face Insights API

  • face.{partners_server}.api.ditto.com/faceiq/api/{api_version}/
  • face-sandbox.{partners_server}.api.ditto.com/faceiq/api/{api_version}/
  • face-staging.{partners_server}.api.ditto.com/faceiq/api/{api_version}/

Frame Recommendations API

  • frame.{partners_server}.api.ditto.com/faceiq/api/{api_version}/
  • frame-sandbox.{partners_server}.api.ditto.com/faceiq/api/{api_version}/
  • frame-staging.{partners_server}.api.ditto.com/faceiq/api/{api_version}/

Browser SDK / API Test Page

<= bSDK 3.6

  • bsdk.api.ditto.com/{partnerId}/{api_version}/{locale}/api.js
  • bsdk.api.ditto.com/{partnerId}/{api_version}/{locale}/index.html

>= bSDK 3.7

  • bsdk.api.ditto.com/default/{api_version}/{locale}/api.js
  • bsdk.api.ditto.com/default/{api_version}/{locale}/index.html

Note: Locales use the format of {iso-language-code}-{iso-country-code} where iso-language-code is the two character ISO 639-1 language code, and iso-country-code is the two character ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code, fomatted in lower case, (e.g. en-gb).