User Experience (UX) Best Practices

The UX surrounding Virtual Try-On has a major impact on the value you will receive from the technology. A strong UX—one that explains what Virtual Try-On is, provides multiple entry points into VTO, and fits VTO seamlessly into the shopping experience—drives up usage and conversion. We’ve put together UX Best Practices to assist you achieve a strong UX in your mobile and desktop implementation.

Our UX Best Practices are interactive mockups in Figma. Click through the CTAs to get a feel for the pre- and post-scan flows and where we recommend showcasing VTO.

Investing in user experience pays dividends. We highly recommend using our UX Best Practices to guide your implementation.

What’s covered:

  • Sample Landing Page, Category Page, and Product Display Page
  • Pre- vs post-scan customer journey flow
  • Increase in usage per Best Practice

Virtual Try-On

Virtual Try-On & Face Insights

Virtual Try-On, Face Insights, & Frame Recommendations