Rendered Product Imagery

Rendered Product Imagery is a collection of product images of one SKU rendered from three dimensional virtual replicas of physical glasses (comprised of a mesh and material) typically used to replace product photography for eCommerce, marketing, and other use cases.


RPI is a high-quality digital asset rendered to create imagery that exceeds touched up photography and offers more flexibility

  • Flexibility

    • RPI is evergreen and enables edits (color saturation, text, reflections, etc.) without needing to reshoot.
    • RPI doubles as a high-quality asset for virtual try-on use.
  • Angles and Positioning

    • RPI can be shown in angles and perspectives not possible with photography.
    • RPI is mechanically positioned, pages displaying thumbnails of glasses are perfectly aligned.
  • Effects

    • With RPI, effects (reflectivity, transparency, shine, etc.) can be customized to client preference.
  • Rendering

    • RPI can be rendered on lifestyle images of models, rendered at any resolution, animated for videos, and more to create additional content needed to boost eCommerce conversations.
    • RPI can be rendered with custom background images, 100% reflective floors can be made that reflect only glasses with no background environment, other customizations possible.
    • RPI can be used in other layouts. Clients can request transparent PNGs to eliminate the need for costly cropping, editing.
    • When real-time client-size rendering is finalized, RPI can be viewed by customers at any angle online.