Email Favorites

Version 1.16 and newer of the Store iPad includes an email feature that sends favorited frames to customers when a session is completed.

How it Works

Enable ‘Email Top Favorites’ in the Ditto app settings within the iPad Settings.

By default, this setting is disabled because prior customization and configuration (see below) are required to take advantage of this feature.

Each iPad will need this feature turned on. In the future, this will be configured in Partner Portal for the Client (partner_id)

Use Cases

Use Case Description
Self-Serve Shopping Customers that don’t have the help of an associate can receive an email right away and continue to ‘shop the wall’ with a convenient reference to frames they favorited.
Return Visits Customers that weren’t ready to purchase on their initial visit can expedite the shopping experience on a return visit by showing an associate their email with favorited frames.
Omnichannel Customers that weren’t ready to purchase on their in-store visit can pick up the journey online.

Requirements & Customizations

Ditto sends emails through our own instance of SendGrid, a robust widely used cloud-based email delivery platform. Owning this capability allows Ditto to address the above use cases and ensure the end-customer shopping journey is complete within the store visit.

CRM Support

This solution does not power or integrate with a Client’s CRM capabilities. The Marketing Toolkit product is intended to address this need with data provided from the Store iPad App (e.g. customer email, favorite frames, face shape, etc.)

Ditto supports the following minimal customizations against a default template. Future enhancements will enable clients to provide their own HTML templates.

  • Sender Name
  • Sender Address (from,
  • Logo (a PSD or AI file with an editable logo that will show well on a white background)
  • Sender Physical Address (in footer)