Onboarding & Training

In this section we’ll walk you through how to implement the iPad App in your optical center or retail store. We’ll also cover training materials so your Staff can feel comfortable using the app.

In-Store Environments

There are two environments the Ditto app is best suited for –

  • Optical centers: These are usually traditional optical offices with pre-testing rooms/spaces and exam rooms. A retail floor is usually also present to showcase the many eyewear options available for purchase.

  • Retail stores: Retail stores can range from sunglass department floors to an optical & sunglass section within a busy store. These stores or spaces are generally not set up for optical exams and may or may not be staffed by Retail Associates, depending on the store needs.

Optical Center Customer Journey

The customer journey and the usage of the app is best used in three parts: during the pre-exam, while the patient is in the eye exam, after the exam.

  • The best practice implementation is to use the app in Guided Mode. You can find this setting on the Home screen, in the Settings menu. Tap Mode and change to Guided.

  • Guided Mode allows the Optician or Staff to take a face scan of the patient, input fitting measurements and really guide the conversation about which frames will best fit and flatter their face.

  • In the pre-exam room: Perform the face scan of the patient and input their style preferences and fitting attributes like bridge height and width.

  • While the patient is in the eye exam room: Pre-pull their Top Recommended frames and have them ready to present to the patient.

  • After the patient completes their exam: When the patient exits their exam and is back out on the floor, present the insights of their face and their top frame recommendations from the app.

Retail Store Customer Journey

The customer journey can be used in both Self-Serve Mode or Guided Mode.

  • Self-Serve Mode: can act as a low-touch or hands-off approach to letting customers do frame discovery themselves in the app. Typically, this mode makes most sense if the retail space is un-staffed or the iPads are set up in a kiosk manner.

  • Guided mode: can be used in a “white glove” approach to guide them through their frame discovery. The Staff holds the iPad and stands next to the customer to look through the app together.