Requirements and Customization

Device Hardware and Software Requirements

  • iPad 4th generation and up
  • iPad Air (all generations)
  • iPad Pro
  • iOS 11 and up

Network Requirements

# of Devices Minimum Bandwidth Recommended Bandwidth
1-2 3 Mbps Upload
5 Mbps Download
6 Mbps Upload
10 Mbps Download
3-5 6 Mbps Upload
10 Mbps Download
10 Mbps Upload
20 Mbps Download
6+ 10 Mbps Upload
20 Mbps Download
20 Mbps Upload
50 Mbps Download

Installation and Configuration

Remove any instances of the Ditto Store app from your device. Open the App Store and search for and install “Ditto Eyewear.” When first opening the app, you will be prompted to login with your client credentials. You will also be asked to give the Ditto app permission to record photos and videos as well as access the photo library.

Client Assets

Enterprise clients may have the option to customize the Home screen of the Ditto app. Please check with your Ditto team to understand if this customization option is available to you.

Home Screen Banner

  • Must be a video
  • If you’d like to show one image, create a one-frame video
  • If using multiple images, create a multi-frame video and ensure the first and last frame transition naturally into the other as the video will loop continuously
  • If using still images, a video can be created from the images using video editing software, such as Adobe After Effects or Windows Movie Maker
  • Minimum 1668 x 2224px
  • MP4 format
  • Max 10 seconds long

Brand Logo

  • SVG or AI file
  • Logo that will stand out on a dark background
  • Transparent

Privacy Policy Link

Clients may opt to provide a link to their privacy policy. The link must lead to a valid web page with the company’s policy.

Hardware - iPad Stands

The following hardware options are well suited for displaying the iPad app in an optical center or retail store in Self-Serve mode. Each space will vary in their needs so please feel free to choose what will work best with your space, staff and customer flow.

Please note iPad size limitations of each hardware option and select the right size for your device.

Stand Type Locked Link
Table Yes
Table No
Standing Yes
Standing No