TruePD delivers the pupillary distance of a Customer (“PD Measurement”).

TruePD is Ditto’s PD technology for card-based and depth-camera based measurements. TruePD is surfaced in the Face Insights and the TruePD UI.


The TruePD UI consists of a scan to capture a Customer turning their face from side-to-side, a card-capture step to determine scale, an insights page that displays the PD Measurement and the PD Measurement as a data field.

TruePD is a customer-facing standalone offering that is delivered via the browser SDK though separate from Try-On. The two products can be used together to save the end-user from repeating steps (e.g. Scan).

Use Cases

Customer Acquisition

PD content is SEO-optimized and available on the home page and/or other prominent access points to drive search traffic to the site. PD can then be captured, displayed to customer, saved to session/account to be retrieved at checkout.

During Checkout

PD is captured during checkout as a strategy of ensuring all inputs are collected prior to payment.

Post Purchase

After customer purchase PD is captured if not otherwise provided. This ensures a smoother checkout process.


In cases where card-capture is done correctly, PD will be measured to ±1 mm of accuracy 60% of the time and ±1.5 mm accuracy 75% of the time.