Submitting Bug Reports

If you believe you’ve encountered a bug within Ditto’s technology, please send an email to with the requested information and answers to the questions below.

What product, version, and browser (if applicable) did you encounter the issue on?
Please provide a description of the issue and the effect it is having.
Is the issue reproducible? What steps did you take to reproduce the issue?
Did you encounter any specific errors? If so, please include the error codes and descriptions.
Please capture an image or video of the issue happening and the effect of the issue.
If applicable, what ditto_id or product_id was being utilized when the error occurred?
If applicable, what servers were you hitting? What version of the bSDK were you using?
What browser, operating system, and hardware (laptop, desktop, and brand) were you using?
If applicable, please send the code you were using.

Ditto’s Client Success team will acknowledge receipt of your bug report within 24 hours and begin our investigation into a resolution as soon as possible.